Cyber Fellows


CSAW 365 is an integral part of the NY Cyber Fellowship at NYU Tandon. The NY Cyber Fellowship is a scholarship towards a high quality, online only, masters degree in cyber security.

Placing a high value on offensive techniques and competetive hacking, CSAW 365 is used as part of its training material. If you are good at the CTF problems found here in CSAW 365, you are likely an ideal candidate for an extremely low cost cyber security degree from NYU Tandon.

For more details, check out the NYU Tandon website

CSAW 365, released to the public


Welcome to CSAW 365!

CSAW is the largest student-run cyber security event in the world, featuring international competitions, workshops, and industry events.

We have been working hard on creating a new system where you can access our archive of CSAW challenges throughout the years. CSAW 365 was designed from the ground up to create a custom challenge network where you can practice CTF challenges in an isolated and secure environment.

Those competitions have generated a broad library of cyber security content. CSAW 365 is an always on website dedicated to making sure those challenges can be used for learning and practice for years to come.